Waay Back – FO: Meditation Infinity Scarf

I know, everyone waited with baited breath to see my Maluka shawl in its completion. But I am hear today to say that it didn’t work out for us, and I blame it on short rows. Even though I had success with short rows previously, I just couldn’t seem to get them to work out in the Maluka pattern. So I abandon it and traded in for an infinity scarf/cowl deal-io.

Meditation Infinity Scarf
Meditation Infinity Scarf by Bea Schmidt.

This is the Meditation Infinity Scarf. I purchased this pattern back in November 2014, so this FO is about a year old now. I have worn it a few times, it keeps me warm at work. While I don’t have any pictures of it on me, it wraps around my neck comfortably three times.

Meditation Infinity Scarft
Meditation Infinity Scarf atop my cedar deck, a la dog scratches and all.

This is Blue Moon Fibre Arts Socks That Rock in Awesomesauce. This yarn would make a super-duper soft and form fitting pair of socks, but the high twist of this yarn made it too springy for this particular project. It was hard to block and curls on itself hiding the nice edging. I would certainly buy this yarn again for socks, the witty and lively colorways are irresistible.

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