Waay Back – FO: Foliage Cowl

Foliage Cowl
Foliage Cowl by Holla Knits

This finished object comes to you from the past, January-ish of 2014 to be inexact. This is the Foliage Cowl by Holla Knits, which appeared in their Holla Knits Accessories 2014 collection.

Guess what? Despite having knit it in January-ish of 2014, I haven’t even worn it yet. I took these pictures in the dead of summer this year. With winter just around the corner I hope this post reminds me that I have this cushy, leafy niceness in my drawer when the cold prison that is a Winnipeg winters finally sets in.

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, given the thickness of this yarn I wish I had completed one less leaf to have made it fit a bit snugger around my shoulders. The pattern was a super quick knit, a few evenings on the couch. It was fun to knit and is quite unique in my opinion. Thanks to My So- Called Handmade Life whose post I found this lovely pattern on.


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