There Will be Mittens

Next week Shawn and I are going away to Cuba for a winter vacation! Neither of us have been to a warm place in the winter before and are very excited. Of course winter in Winnipeg (-40 two nights ago) is very, very cold, so it goes without saying that this will be a wonderful break in the cold.

I’ve been prepping the knitting I will bring along and it looks like right now it will be some basic mittens. I honestly don’t end up knitting much while on holiday, but I do really enjoy knitting en route as it helps me forget we are hurtling through the sky in a metal cylinder. I may also pack another project for the trip, a shawl perhaps, we’ll see.

These mittens are in KnitPicks discontinued line of sock yarn called Felici in Building Blocks.

Felici Mittens
Felici Mittens
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