FO: Aquae Tank

I finished up my Aquae Tank right on time for the Very Shannon KAL Tops, Tanks & Tees 2014. Check out my picture on the Very Shannon, it is really neat to be a part of all those gorgeous finished summer clothes.

I am basically happy with how my tank turned out, especially considering I re-started this project about six times. The funny thing is that I kept re-starting to address my gauge which was coming out too tight. In the end the fabric stretches so much with wear that I would have been better off knitting it at the tighter gauge.

This was my first experience knitting a garment with 100% cotton, I didn’t know it would stretch out so much. But it is still wearable and I’ve had a few compliments already by the lovely ladies at work! I am surprised at how light the tank is when I wear it, I guess the looser gauge helps with that.

Aquae Tank by Hilary Smith-Callis
Aquae Tank by Hilary Smith-Callis

The nice thing about 100% cotton is that I can toss it in the dryer for a bit to get most of the shape back.

In following the other ladies on the Ravelry forum for the KAL I found another four projects to add to my queue, in particular I am eyeing Plum Blossom Tee, Regatta Tee, Portico, WORK+SHELTER Lace Striped Sweaters.


Last night I cast on for the Maluka shawl by Bea Schmidt using the Socks That Rock – Awesomesauce yarn I picked up in Toronto. Knitting up the swatch was so much fun, the colours are revealed inch by inch. Here is a sneak peak at all of the beautiful colours.

Socks that Rock - Awesomesauce
Socks that Rock – Awesomesauce

WIP: Aquae Tank

I’ve been madly working my Aquae Tank by Hilary Smith-Callis for the Very Shannon: Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along. I’ve got less than a week to go, but things are coming along nicely, finally! I made several errors along the way which made me start and re-star this tank at least 6 times. However, it is no dis to the pattern, which as I always find with Hilary’s patterns are clearly written, easy to follow.

I am about to start the ribbing, then comes all of the sewing in of ends and adding the edging, can’t wait to try it on! We are finally getting some warm weather in Winnipeg, I might just get to wear it outside :)

Aquae Tank coming along
Aquae Tank coming along

I wanted to share a detail shot of the inside, its not too apparent in this photo but the inside has a really neat pattern forming because of the colour changes.

Aquae Tank inside detail
Aquae Tank inside detail

FO: Starshower

Last week I completed Starshower by Hilary Smith Callis, a gift for my mother in-law. I intended this knit as a “thinking of you” gift, but seeing as Mother’s Day will be the next time I see her, I guess it will double as a M.D gift.

I haven’t knit anything for her before, but had been meaning to for a while. She is a long time crocheter herself, and I always like telling her about the projects I’m making.

FO: Starshower by Hilary Smith-Callis
FO: Starshower by Hilary Smith-Callis

I used Manos del Uruguay yarn in Fino, I believe the colour is Coursage. I picked out the yarn for this project based on the colour I wanted, soft, light, purple. This colour was just stuck in my head before I even made it to the store. The deal was sealed when I touched the yarn, it is beyond soft!

FO: Starshower by Hilary Smith-Callis

Before blocking the finished piece was an odd shape, a little bubbly, but after blocking it lays just a nicely as it does on Hilary in the pattern images. I still have quite a bit of yarn left, I may have enough to make another.

Easter weekend, Toronto trip

I spent Easter long weekend with my sister in Toronto. My sister took a train in from Montreal and I flew in from Winnipeg. We had a great time walking around, taking in Kensington Market, window shopping and then some actual shopping. I am disappointed in realizing that we didn’t take any sister pictures together that I can share here :(

My sister isn’t a knitter, but was super patient when I spent over a half hour picking out two skeins of yarn at a shop in Kensington Market called Lettuce Knits. Truth be told we hit up about five different yarn shops, but I spent the most time in Lettuce Knits because it was just so lovely inside, I really didn’t want to leave. The sun was streaming in the windows and all the yarn was alight.

I don’t normally buy yarn without a project in mind, and I have a lot of yarn right now for projects I have planned. But I decided to be wild and crazy and pick up a couple of one offs, the colours were so hard to resist.

Ancient Arts, Socks That Rock
Left: Ancient Arts – Angkor Wat. Right: Socks That Rock – Awesomesauce

I love that some of the fibre in the Ancient Arts skein is still au naturel, and its a Bluefaced Leicester wool which I have never tried before.

I am tempted to try my hand at making up my own pattern for a cowl with this one. I just want something super simple that will show the colour gradations off, a ribbed edge with straight up stockinette stitch in the centre.

I’ve been hearing the name “Socks that Rock” for quite awhile now – this is where I had the most trouble choosing a colour. There is so much going on in this one skein I can’t wait to see what is revealed when it is knit up.

Upon my sister’s advice, I think that both of these skeins will be for-me-projects. :)

First post jitters – Starshower

I’ve been working on a cowl as a gift for a family member, Starshower by The Yarniad. The garment currently has an odd blobulousness to it, I am not sure if it was my yarn choice that has led to this unattractive result, or my gauge. I didn’t follow either the yarn suggestions or the gauge requirements when I embarked on this project.

Starshower in progress
Starshower in progress

But we will see what happens after blocking, of course I am hopeful it will turn out lovely and proportionate. Using Manos Del Uruguay Fino

Starshower up close

Truth be told I am a big fan of Hilary Smith Callis. I’ve knit her Trina pattern, unsuccessfully – first time sweater knitter mistakes, and Nyx Cardigan – which turned out wonderfully. In fact I’ve just joined my first KAL which begins on May 7th hosted by Very Shannon, I will be knitting Hilary’s Aquae Tank. I am very excited to start on this as it will be my first tank and my first KAL. I purchased Aquae pattern and the yarn for this last summer and never got around to knitting it up.

Cascade Ultra Pima 100% cotton.
Cascade Ultra Pima 100% cotton.