Easter weekend, Toronto trip

I spent Easter long weekend with my sister in Toronto. My sister took a train in from Montreal and I flew in from Winnipeg. We had a great time walking around, taking in Kensington Market, window shopping and then some actual shopping. I am disappointed in realizing that we didn’t take any sister pictures together that I can share here :(

My sister isn’t a knitter, but was super patient when I spent over a half hour picking out two skeins of yarn at a shop in Kensington Market called Lettuce Knits. Truth be told we hit up about five different yarn shops, but I spent the most time in Lettuce Knits because it was just so lovely inside, I really didn’t want to leave. The sun was streaming in the windows and all the yarn was alight.

I don’t normally buy yarn without a project in mind, and I have a lot of yarn right now for projects I have planned. But I decided to be wild and crazy and pick up a couple of one offs, the colours were so hard to resist.

Ancient Arts, Socks That Rock
Left: Ancient Arts – Angkor Wat. Right: Socks That Rock – Awesomesauce

I love that some of the fibre in the Ancient Arts skein is still au naturel, and its a Bluefaced Leicester wool which I have never tried before.

I am tempted to try my hand at making up my own pattern for a cowl with this one. I just want something super simple that will show the colour gradations off, a ribbed edge with straight up stockinette stitch in the centre.

I’ve been hearing the name “Socks that Rock” for quite awhile now – this is where I had the most trouble choosing a colour. There is so much going on in this one skein I can’t wait to see what is revealed when it is knit up.

Upon my sister’s advice, I think that both of these skeins will be for-me-projects. :)

First post jitters – Starshower

I’ve been working on a cowl as a gift for a family member, Starshower by The Yarniad. The garment currently has an odd blobulousness to it, I am not sure if it was my yarn choice that has led to this unattractive result, or my gauge. I didn’t follow either the yarn suggestions or the gauge requirements when I embarked on this project.

Starshower in progress
Starshower in progress

But we will see what happens after blocking, of course I am hopeful it will turn out lovely and proportionate. Using Manos Del Uruguay Fino

Starshower up close

Truth be told I am a big fan of Hilary Smith Callis. I’ve knit her Trina pattern, unsuccessfully – first time sweater knitter mistakes, and Nyx Cardigan – which turned out wonderfully. In fact I’ve just joined my first KAL which begins on May 7th hosted by Very Shannon, I will be knitting Hilary’s Aquae Tank. I am very excited to start on this as it will be my first tank and my first KAL. I purchased Aquae pattern and the yarn for this last summer and never got around to knitting it up.

Cascade Ultra Pima 100% cotton.
Cascade Ultra Pima 100% cotton.